Restylane Lyft with lido



Hyaluronic Acid (non-cross linked) with 0,3% lidocaine

Injectable gel

Gel and 1 x 1.0ml syringes

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Pharmacological action:

For correction of moderate to severe facial folds and wrinkles, particularly nasolabial folds. The overall effects will last from 6 to 9 months


Cheek augmentation and age-related midface contour deficiencies in patients over 21.


Pregnant and breastfeeding women

People under 18

Allergy to hyaluronic acid

Hypersensitivity to lidocaine

Doses and applying:

Applied with injections into the deep dermis to superficial subcutis gently massage the place of injection

Side affects:

Bruising and swelling can be commonly associated especially at the site of injection


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