How to make your fillers last longer

How to make your fillers last longer

If you use or you are going to use dermal fillers, you may probably want to have it long lasting and natural all the way. However, the effect is not permanent and the fillers wear off all in all. The result lasts from 6 to 18 months depending on the product and also the treated area. In some cases, with proper care the effect remains during 24 months or more. The fillers can be used everywhere on the face and body, they are hypoallergic and biocompatible, they do not affect the facial muscles and expression.
A professional cosmetologist always suggests a convenient solution to any skin problem or even a combination of treatment sessions. Some of the fillers last up to two years, other fillers like Aquashine BTX and Jalupro offer some great results up to a year. Nevertheless, it also depends on the patient whose actions work on the results. You can find several tricks here to profit to the maximum of your filler to make it last longer.
Firstly, take care of the treated face area in the right way. The cosmetologists recommend not to touch or push the face for at least 24 hours. Massaging and depilation are also unacceptable within a month after the treatment session. It is important to use sun protection and to hydrate the skin in and out, drinking water and making some cool nourishing masks that are approved by the doctor. Do not use the active face scrubs and cosmetics and also stay away from the sauna and tanning which can be harmful for the fillers’ effect.
Secondly, you should avoid hot, salty and hard food to not get the hypothetical swelling worse. The overage of sugar and processed foods in your diet may also cause a complicate assimilation of the hyaluronic acid. Eat more raw and fresh products to maximize the effect of your filler.
Thirdly, smoking and alcohol may affect the result so try to minimize them for some time. Do not forget to unwind and make some time for your family and hobbies. Do not let stress take over even when the life is trying to let you down. Did you know that yoga is a perfect decision against stress? Your lifestyle is really important when we talk about lasting of the fillers so try to do your best to make the results natural and good looking all the way.
Dermal fillers provide amazing results even when the skin problems are strongly marked. Find your perfect cosmetologist with good qualification to have the great results using fillers and always stay young, attractive and natural.


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